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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Coimbatore

A full mouth reconstruction is a complete dental procedure that involves rebuilding or restoring every tooth in the upper and lower jaws.A full mouth reconstruction addresses multiple dental issues through a combination of treatments, which may include dental crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, orthodontics, gum treatments, and other procedures. The goal is to improve the patient's overall oral health as well as functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

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Benefits of Full mouth Reconstruction

Restored functionality: By replacing missing teeth, correcting misalignments, and improving the bite, patients can enjoy better oral function and enhanced comfort while eating and speaking.

Enhanced aesthetics: Full mouth reconstruction can greatly improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. It enhances the shape, colour, and alignment of the teeth, resulting in a more attractive smile.

Long-lasting results: Full mouth reconstruction involves comprehensive treatment planning to address all dental issues. Our orthodontist in coimbatore addresses the underlying problems and using high-quality materials, the results of full mouth reconstruction can be long-lasting, providing patients with functional and aesthetically pleasing smiles for years to come.

Prevention of future dental problems: Full mouth reconstruction not only treats existing dental issues but also focuses on preventive measures.

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When Do I Need A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Multiple missing teeth: If you have lost several teeth or have extensive tooth loss in both the upper and lower jaws, a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary to restore your ability to chew properly, maintain oral function, and improve your smile.

Severe tooth decay: Extensive tooth decay that affects multiple teeth can compromise oral health and function. If the decay is widespread and traditional fillings or root canals are not sufficient, a full mouth reconstruction may be recommended to address the decayed teeth and restore oral health.

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Gum disease: If gum disease has progressed to a severe stage, a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary to treat the gum disease, restore damaged tissues, and replace any lost teeth.

Bite problems: Malocclusion, a misaligned bite, can cause issues such as jaw pain, headaches, difficulty chewing, and tooth wear.

Trauma or injury: If you have experienced significant dental trauma or injury, such as a sports-related accident or a severe car crash, a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary to repair and restore the damaged teeth, gums, and supporting structures.

Chronic TMJ disorder: Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can cause jaw pain, clicking or popping sounds, and limited jaw movement.


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